"Crusader Rabbit"

Dell Comics -  October 1956  -  May 1957  (2 issues)

"Meet Miss Bliss"

Atlas (Marvel) Comics - May 1955 - November 1955 (4 issues)

The Disney company created the sitcom, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss", in 1988; about a blonde haired school teacher starring Hayley Mills.  The series lasted one season but was re-tooled as "Saved by the Bell" which lasted four seasons. 

"Meet Miss Bliss" was remarkably similar to "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" and leads one to question the Disney acquisition of Marvel Comics in 2009.   You be the judge.  

"The Count of Monte Cristo"

Dell Comics -  April 1957  (1 issue)

"Sir Lancelot and Brian"

Dell Comics - March 1957 (1 issue)

"Ricky Nelson"

Dell Comics - December 1958 - June 1961 (4 issues)

"Cadet Gray of West Point"
Gold Key Comics - August 1958  (1 issue)

"Cadet Gray of West Point"

Gold Key Comics - August 1958  (1 issue)

"Jace Pearson’s Tales of the Texas Rangers"

Dell Comics -  September 1955  -  June 1958  (20 issues)*

* The first ten issues featured Joel McCrea (from the radio series) on the covers.  These issues, beginning with #11, featured Willard Parker (from the TV series) as Jace Pearson. 

       Some of the series we used to see on weekday afternoons during the 1950’s after school hours, before the stable of Hanna-Barbera cartoons replaced them in the 1960’s.

"Jungle Jim"

Dell Comics -  August 1953 - August 1959  (20 issues)

"Hopalong Cassidy"

Fawcett Comics - February 1943 - November 1953 (85 issues)

DC Comics - February 1954 - May 1958 (50 issues)

Shown are DC issues.